Regulatory Compliance is taking the first step toward building a safety culture…

Companies with robust safety cultures build in behaviors which help promote safety attitudes. Those who do report and also track near misses find that they have fewer accidents, increased productivity, improved quality, better reliability, great customer relations and ultimately increased profit margins.

We will work with you to:

  1. Clearly identify your desired outcomes
  2. Develop Metrics which can track levels of success.
  3. Once we have identified the applicable standards, we then will develop:
    • A detail of simple expected behaviors
    • Incentives program holding employees accountable and having consequences for unacceptable behaviors
    • A matrix for identifying potential problems between management, employees, suppliers, and contractors.
    • A process for audits and updates.
  4. Identify any deficiencies and gaps in existing training, health & safety programs, hazard communications, safety meetings, etc.
  5. Evaluate the returns (ROI) of your safety investments.

The decision to create a culture of safety is just that, a decision. It can be defended in financial terms but ultimately is the will and commitment of management that provides the motivating force within an organization.

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