“Off the Rack” Profit Protection Program for Retail

California Injury and Illness Protection Plan (IIPP) for Retailers
(Also satisfies Fed-OSHA Regs!*)

In recognition of the stresses facing retailers, we have pre-packaged an IIPP. In addition to being a core safety program, it is a broader “PROFIT PROTECTION” program, addressing liability and other exposures to loss.

This is a bare bones compliance program that can be expanded as you wish to build a safety culture. $25.00/mo.

Am I required by law to have a safety program?

Yes: “In California every employer has a legal obligation to provide and maintain a safe and healthful workplace for employees, according to the California Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1973. As of 1991, a written, effective Injury and Illness Prevention (IIP), Program is required for every California employer.”

Does that mean every small business, even with one part-time employee? YES

Isn’t there some break for small employers? Yes

Most retailers can avoid the fine for failing to have a written IIPP (usually less than a $500 fine) if they have annually posted the name of the responsible party, if they keep a log of training provided, and maintain inspection logs. But this will not stop fines for failing to have an effective process. These can mount up depending on the issues.

So why should I invest in this safety program?

Cal-OSHA has only exempted some of the records required, not the need for an effective process.

To Quote Cal-OSHA: “Remember that an effective IIPP is not just a paper program. For your IIPP to be effective you must fully put it into practice in your workplace.

This is why we do not sell the Core Program without the monthly updates. Faithfully executed, the monthly update guide will help ensure that you meet the “effectiveness” standard.

From our observation, the paperwork exemptions create more harm than good because they leave you exposed in the event of a claim. We provide you a paper trail.

What is included in this “Profit Protection” Program?

(Pdf files sent immediately)

  • Your Required Safety Plan
  • Self-Assessment Forms
  • Workplace Safety Rules
  • Essential Training Guidelines
  • Handy Start-up Guide


  • Simple checklist for documentation
  • Monthly Safety Topic for Associates
  • Legal Updates when applicable
  • “Sonoma Safety Insights”
    links to issues of interest to retailers, e.g.: shrink prevention, replenishment tips, and more.


  • Hazard Assessment Guide
  • Workplace Security
  • Recording and Reporting requirements
  • Emergency Plan Assessments and model
  • Mandatory Store Postings summary
  • Other Risk Management topics developed as needed
How does this program protect my profits?

We use worker safety as the umbrella for your profit protection plan for three reasons: 

  1. It is mandatory by law that you have a process … and unfortunately too few retailers have one and know what fines are at stake. 
  2. Worker safety protections can provide a shield against customer liability claims.
  3. This program can be used to avoid insurance surcharges and lower your workers comp premium.

 We took your mandatory worker’s safety program and turned it into a
risk management tool, and then took the risk management tool and turned it into a Profit Protection Program. 

  • 1. Avoid OSHA Fines
  • 2. Protect v Liability
  • 3. Reduce Premiums
cycle image OSHA requires that each employer has a safety process.
Not a program that sits on a shelf. A process to manage safety on a regular basis. We give you a core program and a monthly update to manage this and document it easily and quickly. OSHA has some schedules of fines that are cast in stone, such as failure to report accidents. We guide you through that.

Worker safety programs can shield you against liability.

banana-slipThink about it, there are no hazards to a customer that your associates do not also face.  Consequently, a good employee safety program will reduce your customer liability exposure as well.  The simple documentation process built into our program is specifically designed to help defend you in the event of those “slip-fall” scams we all have heard about.
A safety program can reduce your worker’s comp premiums in two ways. money stack

First, insurers will give “credits” for a written program that is actively in use.  These “credits” are directly applied to reducing your insurance premiums.

Second, each of your WC claims is fed into a formula called “experience rating” (X-Mod).  This “X-Mod”, by law, modifies your state-mandated rate.  So if you have fewer claims than the average retailer, you pay a lower rate than they do.

Conversely, if you have more claims than the average retailer, your rate will be higher.  This is the most direct way to control your insurance costs.

How much can I save?

We cannot promise that with our program you will never have a claim. Conversely, we cannot guarantee that without our program you will have a claim. But the “X-Mod” mentioned above is the financial “carrot and stick” for you to keep as safe as possible.

money faceWe will show you how this incentive applies to your specific business, but we need information from you first. Send us a copy of your WCIRB (workers comp insurance rating bureau form), available from your broker, and we will send you a detailed report on just exactly how much that “insured claim” will cost you over the course of 3 years.

Click here to order your report.

How does the program work?


  • We will send you a core safety program that suffices for 95% of retail operations, plus a guide to let you assess if you need anything additional. This is modeled directly from the Cal-OSHA standards. It will satisfy Fed-OSHA regs as well, as California is generally regarded the most stringent in the county. Consider this the frame of your new car.
  • Self-Assessments and Forms for self-inspections, accident investigations, and training are provided. In addition, we periodically deliver “Tips and Tools” on risk management issues. These are the wheels of the program that give traction to your protection program. We include guidance as to how to best use these forms and supplements.
  • Monthly updates: This is the engine that drives your process. Our simplified form has only 5 items to initial, plus a safety topic. In just a few minutes per month, you can manage your process, enlighten associates, and document your good work. Vroom.
Why is this program better?

We Educate, Motivate, Protect.

First and foremost, this program includes a monthly update called “Safety Matters” emailed directly to you. Can you find another program that offers this?

easy pic
  • Transforms a program into a process
  • Keeps you on track.
  • Provides a paper trail
  • It’s easy! For those who need a bare bones compliance program, you got it.

Secondly, we have tailored this to small and medium sized retailers.  Yours is an underserved community, from our observation.  Yet you have distinct exposures and distinct needs for profit protection.

Also, we don’t stop with the program and monthly updates. “Safety Matters” includes links to news articles of interest to you on shrink prevention, hiring pitfalls, business development ideas and other timely issues.

Lastly, a series of “Tips and Tools” will be delivered throughout the year to educate you on other ways to protect yourself, and ways to enhance a culture of safety.

All these items work together to educate you, motivate you, protect you.

Why Sonoma Safety Services?

First, experience and expertise! I can boast nearly 30 years in the commercial insurance industry, five of which were on full-time assignment to a national department store. I have worked with numerous other corporate risk managers of retail operations as well. For each of my clients, I was able to bring my knowledge and passion for training to bear and improve their claims experience, and improve their profit margin.

Second, my home town and my county have been hard hit by the recession.  There are way too many dark storefronts. 

My “Off the Rack” program is one way I can help the retailers of California stay afloat.  I can’t build up sales, but I can help you protect yourself from rogue elements that drain your budget.

So I am offering the strategies of the Fortune 500 companies, and have packaged them for your ease of use without the mounds of paper, hours of time and dedicated staffing required to manage them. I’ve made this as simple and as streamlined as possible and easy on the budget. $25.00/mo. Easy.

How much does it cost?

"Off the Rack"
Core Safety Program
With "Saftey Matters"
Monthly (pdf):$39.95
plus $25.00/month
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"Off the Rack"
Core Safety Program
With "Safety Matters"
Monthly (pdf):$39.95
plus $25.00/month
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Act now to receive a program that is

And a process that promotes

Click here for a customized report that will demonstrate how your own business will be surcharged for a worker’s comp claim. Typically, the cost of this program will be covered several times over.

Note: Disclaimer!

“Off the Rack” is a scaled down safety program for retailers deemed “low hazard” by Cal-OSHA. It is not intended for NAICS 444 retailers (e.g. building material dealers) or other high hazard operations which changes each year, See annual list of High Hazard Industries. Also, this program makes numerous assumptions about your workplace, for example, it assumes that you do not process or blend chemicals, drive forklifts, have off-premises service and repair operations, or a history of violent crimes. A hazard assessment guide is included to determine if you need additional programs which are not provided as part of this package. However, all these elements can be easily folded into this program, unless you fall into the NAICS 444 class.